Forgotten Landmarks


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Landmarks

  1. I wondered who may have information on a town once known as Wyncote Wy and who could I contact for such information.

    1. From the Executive Summary-Town of Lingle-Water Supply Master Plan Level 1 Project:

      “The establishment of Lingle is related to the demise of a small community called Wyncote. Wyncote was located about 5 miles west of the present Lingle. It was also a railroad town, established around 1900. The community of Wyncote did not last long, dying out about 1910. As Wyncote dwindled away, Lingle was started and began to grow. In fact, between 1908 and 1910 some of the buildings, including the railroad section house, were moved from Wyncote to Lingle. Thus, in some ways Lingle is a direct descendant of Wyncote.”

      I have attached a link to the above document:

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