Forgotten Landmark-Busch Gardens, Pasadena (CA)

Site of Busch Gardens, 929 S. Arroyo Boulevard, Pasadena, CA (Pic from Microsoft Bing Maps accessed 12/7/2010)

The gardens were once part of the grounds surrounding the mansion of Adolphus Busch (1830-1913), the St. Louis brewer. Over the course of its history, Busch Gardens was visited by more than 1,000,000 people. The Pacific Electric Railway added a Busch Gardens stop on its nearest line. The site hosted entertainments, benefits, dog shows and Easter egg parties. Hollywood used the Gardens as a film location throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s. Among the many movies filmed there were Adventures of Robin Hood, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Gone With the Wind.

Busch Gardens was open to the public for the majority of years 1905 to 1937. Adolphus’ wife Lily, who lived in their home in Pasadena until her death in 1928, maintained the Gardens after Adolphus died. On two separate occasions, they were offered to Pasadena as a city public park.


Forgotten Landmark-Los Angeles Examiner Building

Los Angeles Examiner Building, 1111 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA (Pic from Microsoft Bing Maps 12/5/2010)

This is a reproduction of the California Building at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

The structure was the plant of the Los Angeles Examiner, a morning Hearst-chain newspaper. Visible from the street on the Broadway side were five giant presses, each with a capacity of 32,000 forty-eight- page papers an hour.

Forgotten Landmark-CA Walnut Growers Asso Packing House

California Walnut Growers Association Building, 1745 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA (Pic from Google Streetview 12/4/2010)

The state association, a federation of 28 local co-operative walnut packing groups, was incorporated in 1912 as a non-profit organization, wholly owned by its grower members.

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Forgotten Landmark–Lodgepole Opera House

Lodgepole Opera House, Oberfelder Street, south of Front Street, Lodgepole, NE (Google Streetview accessed 11/26/2010)

This property is significant of bringing a wide variety of entertainment to the community. Additionally, the building retains a high degree of historical integrity.  The two-story false-front commercial building was constructed by Frank Isenberger in 1911 as a garage, with the opera house located on the upper floor. “Lodgepole Opera House,” painted in large letters, remains visible on the front facade. The opera house has a stage and a projection booth, added later when it was used to show motion pictures.

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