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Historical Cities-Dublin, Ireland Has Been Updated

Like most of our other guides available at, the Historical Cities-Dublin Ireland Google Maps guide has been updated to include the historical text for each of the indicated historic sites.


Historical Cities-Dublin, Ireland is now available on Google Maps

Links to Google Map and Companion Text

Historical Cities-Dublin, Ireland provides information about the historic sites and landmarks within the city centre of Dublin and in the surrounding vicinity.  It is not our desire to dramatize the history or expand on it in any way.  We believe that the character and culture of the city can speak for itself.  The guide has been created, not for just travelers new to the city, but for current residents who may not realize what lies just around the corner in their own neighborhood.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to all sites, as the individual traveler will find their own historical treasures amongst the landmarks we present.

Historical Cities-Dublin, Ireland will be available 5/29/2013

Our latest guide, Historical Cities-Dublin, Ireland, will be available on 5/29/2013 in the Amazon Kindle store.  We hope to have it available by the first week of June in the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble Nook.  Over 100 historical sites and landmarks in Dublin’s city centre and surrounding environs are explored, from the more popular to the mostly obscure.  Reference maps and GPS coordinates are available, as well as an historical excerpt and maps from guides written for the city in the 19th century.