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Lost Landmark-Great Western Coal & Coke Building, Wilburton (OK)

Great Western Coal & Coke Building, 701 E. Main Street, Wilburton, OK

The building was one of the last surviving coal company store buildings in southeastern Oklahoma. Built shortly after 1900 to house the company store and company offices, the building was the center of commercial activity for miners and their families. Social and religious functions were also held on the second floor for the multiethnic mining population that included Irish, English, Scottish, Italian, Slovakian and Lithuanian immigrants. The building served as a county courthouse until 1936 and since that time had been used as an armory, grocery store, furniture store, restaurant and discotheque.

According to Maryellen Mooney, Program Manager of Wilburton Main Street, Inc., “the building burned to the ground in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s”.  For additional information, Ms. Mooney’s contact information is provided below:

Maryellen Mooney, CMSM Program Manager WILBURTON MAIN STREET, Inc. PO Box 856 108 W. Main St., Wilburton, OK 74563 Phone: 918-465-2254 Fax: 918-465-2254